Caged Tiger Caged Tiger

Caged Tiger

Best Friends Magazine has a terrific article this month, written by Lori Marino, Gay Bradshaw and Randy Malamud, entitled The Captivity Industry: The reality of zoos and aquariums.

Dr. Gay Bradshaw was extremely helpful to Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants in helping to understand Bamboo’s abnormal behavior when we first began our campaign to help Bamboo in 2005.

The intro to the article reads:

Millions of people visit zoos, marine parks and aquariums
every year. Ostensibly, these places provide an opportunity
to look at, connect with and appreciate the beauty and
behavior of the animals. Indeed, everyone is drawn to the majesty
and mystery of animals who look and live so differently than we
do, but nonetheless seem so similar to us.

But more is going on than meets the eye. Exactly what are we
learning about other animals in these places? How is the zoo experi-
ence different for the animals than it is for the visitors? And what
might we learn about ourselves by casting a more examining eye
on the institution of zoos and aquariums?

Download the article: The Captivity Industry

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