Banner Drop on Aurora Blvd. Banner Drop on Aurora Blvd.

Banner Drop on Aurora Blvd.

Nancy has been doing banner drops with some of our wonderful volunteers since June.  They can be seen on the highway 99 overpass where zoo is located, three mornings a week.

Running concurrently is the same banner for our bus campaign that spans 6 weeks.  Look out for the buses until Oct. 8th.

  • We had two demos:  IDA’s International Day for Zoo Elephants and our fourth annual Jungle Party demo.
  • We leafleted at the Solstice Parade, Hempfest, and Bumbershoot giving out nearly 5,000 informational pieces.
  • We visited the Zoo for the 2 pm keeper talk which yielded the information that Chai was being artificially inseminated for the 56th time – yes, you read that correctly!  Luckily they missed her cycle and hopefully they’ll miss the next one in February.  FYI, baby Hansa died from the same fatal herpes virus that Watoto had in April 2008.  It is unconscionable that the herpes-infected Zoo would risk another calf dying such a horrific death.  So unethical.
  • We met with WPZ upper management this week and a range of issues were discussed. Sadly, the elephants aren’t going to the 2,700 acre Elephant Sanctuary without a lot more work on our part.  There is reason for optimism which we’ll share in a future e-mail.
Bus Ad Bus Ad

Bus Ad

As you can see, we’ve told the masses on highway 99 that the zoo is too small. Now we need a follow up banner that tells the solution:  Send elephants to Sanctuary.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of a new banner, we’d be so grateful.  Any donations over the cost of the banner will go toward printing costs of informational materials. Please help out by donating here.

New Banner - We need funds! New Banner - We need funds!

New Banner - We need funds!


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