Yet another excellent editorial in the Seattle Times, following their recent exposé on the WPZ elephants and the zoo’s aggressive and unsuccessful breeding program. Here’s an excerpt:

Confinement for large mammals with a physical and instinctual need for space insults their bodies and their minds. Grotesque reproductive drills and stunted lives for infants are no argument for continuing, literally, business as usual.

End the breeding efforts and ship the elephants to sanctuaries.

Read the full editorial, Learn from the ‘Glamour Beasts’

Check out the original series, Glamor Beasts: The dark side of elephant captivity

One Response to “Editorial: Learn from the ‘Glamour Beasts’”

  1. Concerned for Elephants on 17 Dec 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Great work! You are very close to success.If I can offer any advice,please continue with getting the word out on the particular
    problems that these elephants suffer from;the exact amount of space,the lack of socialization,the forced breeding,the obvious psychological distress.I know you have this info on your website,but it will help if you can get this onto a leaflet [if you don’t already].Otherwise, I believe your efforts are succeeding in getting people on your side! Keep up the protests!

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