The Seattle Times reported on the preliminary 41-page report from the elephant Task Force. A final report is expected in early fall. Here’s the synopsis of the preliminary report, as reported by the Seattle Times:

Woodland Park Zoo could improve conditions of captivity for its three elephants by allowing them to have free contact with each other and replacing some concrete floors with sand, a panel of animal experts recommended Wednesday.

The Seattle Times also printed an excellent Editorial: Helping the elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo. The short editorial overview of the report, hits some key points:

The overall health report is positive, but the early indication that a little remodeling might make the zoo a more compatible space for the elephants needs more elaboration.

A Seattle Times series “Glamour Beasts” revealed that elephants are dying out in America’s accredited zoos. The reporting by Michael J. Berens ran counter to zoo-industry accounts.

As an editorial noted last December, many zoos have closed, are ending or discussing closure of their elephant exhibits.

The conclusion in the editorial:

The final report of the expert review panel will get a close read by thousands of zoo and elephant fans. All of the evidence, experience and options elsewhere suggest that sending Chai, Watoto and Bamboo to a sanctuary is best for the animals.

The rebuttal will have to be especially compelling.

Read the full article: Experts suggest changes for zoo’s elephants

Read the full editorial: Helping the elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo

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