Former member of Seattle City Council, Judy Nicastro, writes a wonderful guest column for the Seattle Times, discussing the WPZ elephants, the task force, and the recent survey conducted by FOWPZE. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The October survey showed that 97 percent of Seattleites know about the elephant poaching crisis, but learned about it from various print and media sources — not from Woodland Park Zoo. Furthermore, the survey showed that of those who visited the elephant exhibit, 88 percent did not donate to different charities or purchase different products.

As a parent, I don’t believe that showing my children the elephants in the zoo pacing in circles or bobbing their heads up and down is any representation of a happy or healthy animal. Nor is it animal conservation. It teaches children that it is acceptable to capture, confine and breed another being primarily for our momentary amusement.

Read her full guest column on the Seattle Times website

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