WPZ’s elephant program made it into The Wrap:

Dumbo, Meet Thy Namesake: The geniuses in charge of the Woodland Park Zoo have decided to solve the problem of driving the zoo’s elephants slowly insane by confining them in inadequate space by possibly adding yet another elephant….  Seriously: If the zoo won’t listen to reason, science, public opinion, or even a lawsuit, it looks like the best option is…”

From the Seattle Times article referenced above:

Woodland Park Zoo’s insignificant and insincere commitment to the elephants well-being will do little to alleviate their tedium, and the unhealthy physical and psychological conditions from which they suffer.  It’s time the Zoo stop ignoring science and community values and retire the elephants to a sanctuary.”

And finally, check out this great article on Wallyhood.org. Alyne Fortgang, co-founder of FOWPZE contributed.

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