Oklahoma City Zoo elephant barn

Oklahoma City Zoo elephant barn

A new fact sheet on the Oklahoma City Zoo clearly shows that Bamboo and Chai’s quality of life will be worse than that at Woodland Park Zoo. Please write, call, post and tweet.

  • The climate in Oklahoma City is colder forcing more barn lockup
  • Each elephant will have less space
  • The presence of infectious disease
  • The close proximity to an amphitheater with loud rock concerts and pyrotechnics picture attached
  • Elephants are made to perform unnatural circus tricks. picture attached, caption: Asha doing tricks to loud music
Asha doing tricks to loud music

Asha doing tricks to loud music

6 Responses to “FACT SHEET: Oklahoma City Zoo worse than Woodland Park Zoo”

  1. Jeanne jonckheere on 02 Apr 2015 at 12:13 pm #

    I don’t understand the inhumanity. These beautiful elephants are not supposed to be slaves for these stupid zoos.all these zoos are for there own greed nothing more.

  2. Candy on 06 Apr 2015 at 7:44 am #


    All these elephants need to go back to where they belong, Not at a Zoo!

  3. Kayla on 16 Apr 2015 at 6:38 am #

    I do not agree with the thought of zoo’s, I find them inhumane, if you would like to observe or enjoy animals company, place yourself in a cage in their habitat and observe.
    I will though However state, living in Oklahoma my whole life it was sad going to the zoo seeing all the pachedyrms in the disgusting place pictured above, but the zoo is working to make everything so much better for the animals. The elephants have their own personal habitat now, they are no longer kept in the building shown above. THANK GOSH!
    I disagree with them being placed in a zoo, they have had a long life they deserve to be pampered after all that, but there are some flaws to your article.
    1. Oklahoma is not much colder, we get a few month winter that sucks but so does most of the world.
    2. With the new habitat, elephant way of life has much improved.
    3.the presence of infections disease is a semantically null sentence, with no background evidence.
    4. The zoo amphitheater is positioned far enough from the zoo and the science museum that you couldn’t hear a thing let alone know about any pyrotechnics going on.

    I’m not sure about the whole trick thing I’ve never been there for that but I disbelieve they would use force on these animals.

    In response to the comments, I would like people to stop and think for a second.

    Jeanne speaks of inhumanity and greed that these zoo’s are assumingly holding these animals capitve, but the zoo’s see it otherwise. The population of animals in zoo’s were born and raised there, that’s their home, it looks sad to us but they wouldn’t make it in the wild. Sanctuaryso are just bigger zoos. Plus how many species have been saved by having zoo’s and sanctuaries in the world. she believes it’s inhumane to home these animals? Some believe it’s inhumane to allow these beautiful creatures get killed in the wild.

    as I said I agree I don’t like the way zoo’s look but why falsify information? I will stand on my beliefs until definitive proof is provided.

  4. Stephanie on 16 Apr 2015 at 9:45 am #

    This article is full of lies! Have you ever been to the OKC zoo? They have a brand new facility for the elephants. It’s large and very nice. OKC’s climate is not colder that the Northern Seattle state? How preposterous! And that photo of an elephant doing tricks to loud music is also a LIE! How dare you make such statements! I’m for animals retiring to conservations, but I’m not for getting them there by lying. You should be ashamed.

  5. Suzanne on 30 Jan 2016 at 2:16 pm #

    Hey Stephanie, Chai is dead. Well, so much for the “state-of-the-art” facility. She is the second elephant to die in 6 months. YOU should be ashamed.

  6. Anjana on 02 Feb 2016 at 8:26 pm #

    Stop putting animals in prisons. Its a very simple concept.Animals belong in the wild and not in our prison Zoos. The idea of a Zoo is so archaic, it’s shameful that people still buy in to it in this time and age. What a tragedy. We do not need zoos.

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