6 year old Asian elephant, Hansa, died of an elephant herpes virus at Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) last June. WPZ is now a herpes-contaminated facility. Any baby elephant born there will be at very high risk of contracting the same herpes virus that killed Hansa. Of all the Asian elephants born in zoos over the last 10 years, almost 70% are now dead, many from herpes viruses.

Despite these facts, WPZ is planning to artificially inseminate Chai in January with semen they want to import from Canada. They have applied to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a permit to do so. To prevent anymore young elephants from dying at WPZ, we want to prevent the zoo from getting this permit. US Fish & Wildlife is accepting public comments on this application until December 10, 2007. Please contact them with the above talking points. Reference “PRT-108484” in discussing the zoo’s application.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife (Dept. of Interior)
Division of Management Authority
4401 North Fairfax Drive
Room 700
Arlington, VA 22203
Fax: 703/358-2281
Phone: 703/358-2104

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