Elephant-sized comedy gala and live art auction

The Elephant-Sized Comedy Gala and Auction was an elephant-sized success! A round of applause for Cathy Sorbo,
a veteran performer with over 25 years experience; fully potty-trained, Seattle P-I Columnist, and Rat City Roller Girls announcer. Now she can add elephants to her resume!

Our headliner: Dwight Slade is an internationally-known stand-up star with 1,341 myspace friends. Hand picked opener for Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. We had to peel people off the floor. He was great!

Special Thanks to:
Julie Mains, Dorothy Pierce, Kat and the entire staff at the Mainstage Comedy and Music Club. A deep curtsy for Galen Hazelhofer who donated her time and talent as our designer for all the event printed matter, t-shirts, and beyond! Lynne Madrigal, owner of Lap of Luxury Professional Cat Care. Heather Nelson Inkblot Screen Printing for our super t-shirts. Joan Delehanty for her delicious goodies. Lynda McCormick for inspirational tips. Academy Press and Liberty Bell Press. Diamond Parking. Michael Crouch – ya gotta have a GREAT numbers guy. Local entertainers Derek Sheen, Lukas Seely, Julie Cascioppo and Michelle Francis. Frank Blau, our event photographer, the Chickalatte girls, and all the volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

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