Dan Piraro zoo elephant cartoon Dan Piraro zoo elephant cartoon “Bizarro” cartoonist, Dan Piraro, created this excellent cartoon and commentary on zoo elephants.

Dan Piraro has been a supporter of animals and animal activists for many years, even participating in local fundraisers.

Woodland Park Zoo: Less than one acre outdoors and Seattle’s climate forces elephants to be locked in small, barren barn stalls for 16 – 17 hours a day for about 7 months a year.
The Elephant Sanctuary: 2,700 acres in a sub-tropical climate.

If you believe Bamboo, Watoto, and Chai should live like elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary, please write to: Tom Rasmussen (Seattle City Council) and Deborah Jensen, (Woodland Park Zoo president): tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov, deborah.jensen@zoo.org
Or call Deborah Jensen at 206-548-2416 and Tom Rasmussen at 206-684-8808.

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