Seattle, WA – On the 4th anniversary of Hansa’s death from the deadly herpesvirus, Chai, the Asian elephant at Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) was artificially inseminated (AI) for the 61st time.  Six year old Hansa, Chai’s daughter, died of the deadly herpesvirus.

WPZ is a herpes-infected environment.  WPZ’s records for Watoto dated May 5, 2008 state Watoto tested “positive for EEHV3a virus in her blood.”

Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM, an expert elephant veterinarian said:  “Woodland Park Zoo is a herpes exposed facility and therefore the zoo should no longer engage in an Asian elephant breeding program.  The simple truth is the risk of death for the offspring is too great.”

There is no cure for EEHV and WPZ has no infection control in place. Chai could pass the herpesvirus to her own fetus.

Elephant herpesvirus attacks the internal organs causing massive hemorrhaging and a painful, gruesome death.  “To even take a chance of causing another defenseless calf such a horrific death is unconscionable and unethical” says Nancy Pennington, co-founder of Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants.

WPZ enjoyed a huge spike in attendance and revenue when Hansa was born.

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