Connie and Shaba have been together at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson for 29 years—Connie was 15 and Shaba was just 2. They have been deeply bonded since the day they were first brought together.

Tearing Connie and Shaba apart is unconscionable.

Reid Park Zoo elephants Reid Park Zoo elephants

Reid Park Zoo elephants

A fundamental requirement in elephants is being a bonded member of a social group.  Anyone who knows anything about elephants knows this, yet the Tucson City Council succumbed to Reid Park Zoo and voted to separate them.

Please help these elephants by filling out IDA’s form:  Click here.

It’s fast and so important.

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  1. mixa on 16 Jan 2012 at 2:34 am #

    Please leave these 2 elephants together in a sanctuary.


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