This article about Los Angeles honoring abused elephants in captivity appears on the KFWB News Talk 980 website. Here is an excerpt:

The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously declared Aug. 3 Elephant Awareness Day in the city to increase awareness of the often poor conditions that pachyderms experience in captivity. The council also recognized Pacific Palisades resident Juliette West, a 16-year-old activist against elephant cruelty.

“Throughout history, elephants have played an important role in human economies, religion and culture, and they are beloved animals that attract crowds to zoos and circuses and many attractions,” said Councilman Tony Cardenas, who sponsored the resolution to increase awareness about the often poor treatment of elephants in captivity.

“Many people are unaware, though, of the inhumane abuses that these creatures suffer when they are held in captivity,” he said. Cardenas said elephants are often squeezed into “dangerously small spaces, causing them mental and physical harm” and rarely survive to their average expected life-span in the wild.

Click here to read the full article for more great quotes from the L.A. City Council about elephants in captivity.

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