Check out coverage from KOMO News on our efforts to release the WPZ elephants to a sanctuary that would offer them a natural setting where they could live like elephants for the first time in decades.

Defenders of the animals filed suit in 2010, claiming taxpayer money shouldn’t support a zoo where they say small enclosures hurt the elephants and also make them suffer emotional damage.

After the suit was dismissed, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed an appeal and on Friday presented the case to the Court of Appeals.

“The Woodland Park Zoo, which operates on city land and use city buildings, confines the city’s elephants in conditions which violate both state and local animal cruelty laws,” said Jason Stavers of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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One Response to “KOMO News: Advocates file appeal, aim to send zoo elephants to sanctuary”

  1. Debra Moore on 05 Aug 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    WPZ is behaving as all other zoos behave when faced with truth: heads go into the sand. As long as there are thoughtless people to come to the zoo and see the elephants and hear the lies from the docents and keepers about how happy the elephants are the staff will continue to hold them hostage in a space not large enough for even one elephant. And as long as there is a ‘chance’ that Chai may get pregnant again and may have another baby (probably also with elephant herpes, deadly and the killer of the last baby) they will inseminate her mercilessly, and with continued injuries. This is the most idiotic zoo on the planet because they crow their causes for animals in the wild and ‘saving’ elephants and cannot even see how moronic their words are. LET THESE ELEPHANTS GO TO SANCTUARY!!!

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