Valentine Card

Send this Valentine’s Day card to Seattle’s Mayor and City Council

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing a message of compassion for WPZ’s 2 surviving elephants with Seattle’s Mayor and City Council!

Use our simple form to send a link to this Valentine’s Day message from Bamboo and Chai.

Click here to send the card and make your voice heard on behalf of the Woodland Park Zoo elephants.

One Response to “Action Alert: Send a Valentine to Seattle’s Mayor and City Council!”

  1. Cindy Welsh on 12 Feb 2015 at 1:21 pm #

    Good Afternoon,
    Let me tell you a true story,
    One day my daughter and I were at the Woodland Zoo and when we left we started talking about the elephant’s and how if we won the lottery we would buy the elephants at the zoo and set them free. This was about 5 years ago before there was a discussion about the elephants.
    Please do the right thing and set them free!!!
    We can do it!!

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