Please join in a protest over Woodland Park Zoo sending Bamboo and Chai, the two surviving elephants, to the Oklahoma City Zoo (OCZ). Their reasons for this move have been disingenuous and seeded in selfish motivation that no elephant get out of the clutches of the zoo industry. This will also be a remembrance of the sad, impoverished lives these innocent beings have endured; taken from their mothers and condemned to a tiny display for life.

What: Protest/Remembrance at Woodland Park Zoo
When: Saturday, April 18th. 11am – noon or later
Where: Woodland Park Zoo. South entrance on sidewalk right at the entrance gates. Enter at N. 50th and Fremont Ave. N.
Wear: Orange!

One Response to “Protest/Remembrance at WPZ This Saturday”

  1. Megan Lynn McMasters on 16 Apr 2015 at 10:42 am #

    I shall be there!

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