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PAWS: Actual tract of land dedicated for Bamboo and Chai

We need to accept that the worst has happened: Bamboo and Chai were denied humane sanctuary at PAWS and are in another tiny zoo display at the Oklahoma City Zoo. We will be monitoring their lives and hope that they don’t suffer too much.

Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants (Friends) can claim success in that another elephant exhibit in this country is closed—Seattle’s. More importantly, we are extremely proud of our role in raising awareness in our community and beyond. Our widely reported efforts have helped people understand the inherent cruelty of keeping these intelligent, far ranging and sentient animals in zoo confinement. It is inevitable that this awareness and empathy will extend to all animals who are captured or bred to live in tiny, artificial zoo displays for our entertainment. People are getting it!

OK City Zoo elephant yard

Oklahoma City Zoo: Artificial, small, boring yard with trees outside of electrified fencing

Friends will remain engaged in Bamboo and Chai’s quality of life. We will give Bamboo and Chai’s transition some months and then we’ll visit the Oklahoma City Zoo to see if they have integrated with the other elephants—or if they are still separated in a half acre. If there are serious concerns, we will work with the newly elected City Council (in January) to retire Bamboo and Chai to a sanctuary.

Friends’ valuable work could not have happened without you: our dedicated supporters. We are profoundly thankful to so many people who faithfully wrote emails, called, and attended court hearings, demonstrations and city council meetings. So many people volunteered in so many ways: managing our social media, filming, designing, doing research and donating banners, signs and our unmistakable orange t-shirts! A special thanks goes to the renowned elephant experts who selflessly gave of themselves. A huge thanks to those who donated to the legal battles on behalf of Bamboo and Chai. We are grateful for the support from PETA, HSUS and IDA. Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants could not have done this without all of you and we extend an elephant-sized THANK YOU!

2 Responses to “Chai and Bamboo denied sanctuary; sent to another small zoo yard”

  1. Glenn Smith on 25 May 2015 at 4:05 pm #

    Are you kidding me? That “pacing elephant” video has been digitally altered (lengthened).

  2. Staci on 16 Jun 2015 at 6:55 am #

    Thanks for trashing our zoo… If you jerk offs really loved Chai and Bamboo than they never would of made here.. So please go phuck off and know that they’re happy to be here and out of that Chithole Seattle zoo.. Have a blessed day!

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